Spring Forward umea2014
item12 Mamoru Iriguchi, UK
Cascas d'OvO_Lander Patrick@Günter Krämmer (9)
Photo by Robert Day
Jochen Stechmann

Super-naiive and home-made-looking Projector/Conjector strikes the innocent child in the spectator when Mamoru Iriguchi and Selina Papoutseli, with technical equipment carried on their heads, slowly attack two art icons with childish, mild craziness, as sweet as it is playground-cruel.

A child’s perspective might reveal new aspects on what is already old and familiar. The Star Wars journey serves as a frame to Swan Lake seen from a pond perspective. A man plus a lady swan make a baby swan – impossible! Bloodshed and catastrophy. Innocence and brutality (les extrèmes se touchent) in a most peculiar production that I am, after all, happy to have seen.

Margareta Sörenson

Mamoru isn't afraid to show us his playful side, or the gaffer tape that holds his flatscreen to his head, or his fandom of top shows like Star Wars and Swan Lake. The whole bonkers affair has an innocence about it that's endearing, so its unsettling when he unzips the vagina in his onesie or when the paper sword slices into the pregnant belly which is hatching a cygnet, presumably after one of the more thrilling trips down to the shores of the swans lake. This playground has dark corners - Iriguchi and his playmate maintain a deadpan expression throughout that's strangely worrying, but they create a bittersweet manga-esque world of imagery that demands equal amounts of affection and bewilderment.

Morag Deyes

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