Spring Forward

Clément Dazin, France
Bruit de couloir - solo 30m

Bruit de Couloir is inspired by a phenomenon called NDE - near death experience. Everyone who goes through this seems to share a similar experience; at first they have the sensation of being in a tunnel with an intense light ahead of them; and in the second stage, their lives flash before their eyes.

However, this solo has nothing to do with death, it concerns life. At the heart of the show lies a unique choreographic style which links contemporary dance, hip hop and a method of juggling in which balls are both manipulated objects and movement catalysts. Clément Dazin cleverly confuses the audience’s perception of time through the use of slow-motion, staccato, repetition and high speed movement.

Choreography: Clément Dazin
Gregory Adoir
Light: Freddy Bonneau

Clément Dazin was interested in movement from a young age, and started gymnastics at 6 years old. Ten years later he was practising circus and inparticularly juggling, had joined a company and started to create his own work. He continued to study and took classes in hip hop, contemporary dance, acrobatics and theatre. Performing regularly he discovered that each technique had its limitations.

In 2008 he attended the Circus School of Lyon followed by the Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) in 2009. He worked with Philippe Genty, Aragorn Boulanger, Fatou Traoré, Johanne Saunier, Julien Clément and Bruno Dizien, who all influenced his work. He was fascinated by finding links between contemporary dance, hip hop and juggling, and began to bring these separate universes together. This allowed the juggling to be more than a technical performance. In 2012, Clément toured with This is the end, produced by CNAC.

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Photo by Michel Nicolas
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