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Every choreographer takes pride in his or her art, just as every producer takes pride in letting each artist’s piece be fully experienced onstage by them and those who are in the audience. My encounter with Aerowaves in Umeň, Sweden has been extremely special. I’ve seen a great variety of performances, had interesting conversations with dance people from all over the world and participated in a different and challenging way by writing reviews for Springback. 

This last experience created for me a more direct connection to Aerowaves as ‘a dance network bounded only by the geography of Europe and…for emerging choreographers and companies who have not yet done much touring abroad.’ Through Springback I could be a voice for the discovered word and, as only dance can, for movement which opens doors. This weekend of dance gave me that lucky break, providing me with new ways to see the world. More than anything else it’s given me strength each day since I was there, both because of the energy it generated and the spirit of generosity in which everything was offered.

For me it all started with the combination of movement and words (like extraordinary, marvellous, urban, nude, awakening).

Aerowaves is built on a foundation of participation and co-operation as well as passion and curiosity. In many ways it points the way to the future for the participants, in a spirit of collaboration and with a common goal that we all be the co-producers of that future.  

Thank you, Aerowaves, for sending me home with a new kind of rocking energy, for helping me feel that what I do for a living matters, and for reminding me how much art (and the people who make it) matters – all of this inspiration melting down into a bowl called life. As my great Springback mentor Donald Hutera said in one of his reviews, ‘…sprinkled with unexpected glimmers of tenderness, this is dance where the whole is greater than the sum of the (body) parts.’ For me these words apply to the whole weekend.

Christel Molin

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