aerowaves Spring Forward

dance for changing times
25-27 March 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Produced by En-Knap


Public in Private (Germany)

Allege 35 mins

Saturday 26 March

16.00 Plesni Teater Ljubljana/PTL

Allege started life as quartet, then became a duet and is now a solo. In it, Clément Layes wobbles a glass of water from the side of his head to his forehead in a very accomplished fashion. However, these impressive and unusual skills are more than circus tricks and what started out as a work about the anxiety he feels towards the world has developed into a humorous philosophical treatise on habit and expectation.

Public in Private produces the work of Clément Layes and Jasna Layes-Vinovrski, it researches, reflects and questions social, political and cultural ideas.