aerowaves Spring Forward

dance for changing times
25-27 March 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Produced by En-Knap


Marco d’Agostin (Italy)

Viola (purple) 15 mins

Friday 25 March

21.15 Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Viola (purple) – a colour whose tones have the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency. Commonly considered the colour of duplicity, transition and erotic charge.

Viola (purple) – from the root vis meaning force, as in violence and violate.

Viola treads a path between two figures, tied to each other in a violent relationship. Winner of the Gd’A Prize 2010 in Veneto, Italy.

Marco d’Agostin trained in theatre and only started dancing in 2007. He has completed workships with Yasmeen Godder, Nigel Charnock and Emio Greco and dances with a number professional companies as well as making his own work.