aerowaves Spring Forward

dance for changing times
25-27 March 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Produced by En-Knap

aeriteslowres Bloom1 CeciliaMoisio1lowres Ferenclowres LaMacanalowres

Photo by Elena Valverde

Photo by Tasos Vrettos

Photo by Zsolt Puskel

Photo by Matti Häyrynen

Photo by Zsolt Puskel

Dance for changing times

Aerowaves Spring Forward is the first ever compact format gathering for new European dance.

In a helter-skelter celebration, 22 companies from 13 countries will perform works of 15-40 minutes in 5 theatres over 3 days. These artists are eager to show their pieces to a new, informed audience and meet each other; and presenters, organisers and the Ljubljana public will grasp the unique opportunity to see what's new in dance. 

Spring Forward is of promotional value since some attending may be able to offer further performances. But the festival is neither a platform nor a showcase since it does not promote national or regional interests. The selection has been made on artistic grounds by Aerowaves'
40 Partners and Associate Presenters representing 34 European countries. At their annual meeting in Moscow, they identified these companies from nearly 600 applications, and 3 hits from last year are included as Aerowaves Encore.

Register now, and  if you are amongst the first 50 before 24 February, everything is absolutely free! Yes, that's right -  hotel, performances, local travel. All you have to do is get to Ljubljana,
the perfect compact capital for this first compact festival, where you will be able to take refreshing walks with friends between all 5 theatres. You are very welcome to join us as the Slovenian clocks Spring Forward an hour!


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