aerowaves Spring Forward

dance for changing times
25-27 March 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Produced by En-Knap


La Macana Aerowaves Encore (Spain)

Ven 15 mins

Saturday 26 March

19.00 Cankarjev Dom

'Ven' is the short duet by Cuban Alexis Fernández and Galician Caterina Varela which founded their company La Macana a couple of years ago. It has now been performed over 75 times since it won the Certamen in Madrid and was selected as a priority for Aerowaves. Danced to two classic tracks by German iconoclasts Einstürzende Neubauten, the playful dynamic tension between the couple is very personal, and yet at the same time everyone can find their own associations.

The work has brought audiences to their feet in Spain, Cuba, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, France, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the UK. The quality of their performance is distinguished by a winning combination of the unassuming and the virtuoso.

“These two are as confident traversing each other's bodies as they are challenging their own, going where others would literally fear to tread.” Sam Gauntlett, Resolution Review