aerowaves Spring Forward

dance for changing times
25-27 March 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Produced by En-Knap


BLOOM! (Hungary)

City 40 mins

Saturday 26 March

21.30 Španski Borci

In this city, everybody is in a rush. If someone falls in the street, do you help them? If someone asks for change, do you give it to them?

Straightforward, ironic and fearless City expresses opinions about dictatorship, discrimination, prejudice, power, fear, ignorance and faith in the language of theatreand dance.

BLOOM! is an eclectic collective of dance artists, inspired by the belief that collaboration is of the essence in order to create powerful and vivid works. Working from both Budapest and London, the collective includes Hungarian, Spanish and Italian artists. The group’s philosophy redefines the hierarchy between choreographer and performer, giving life to a creative process in which every artist is equally responsible and involved.